Samsung Video Wall

Video wall

Samsung Video Wall


Video wall series UHF-E, 55 “

-Ultra-thin frame (1.7 mm) for the most realistic playback with the presence effect. 

-Incredibly accurate color display and uniform image brightness thanks to display technology and accurate calibration.


Deeper visual impact and narrower compared to existing panels for video wall frames

SMART panels Samsung series UH55F-E created thanks to the desire of specialists from Samsung to offer consumers a panel of a new generation with an over-the-top frame. UH55F-E series panels are equipped with a 1.15 mm (0.045 “) top-and-left top frame and a 0.55 mm (0.021”) bottom from the right and the width of the gap between the video wall panels is reduced to 1.7 mm (0.067 “) Thanks to the ultra-sharp frame of the UH55F-E panels for video walls, viewers experience a more pronounced immersive effect on what’s happening on the screen, which leaves them with an unforgettable viewing experience.

Assess the lack of glare on the screen from external light sources

In addition to using glare suppression technology, UH55F-E series panels were designed to create spectacular video walls that provide perfectly visible images even in bright daylight conditions. This new panel with anti-reflective coating reduces glare from external sources by 25% and this is significantly better than the similar value for existing panels. The compensation of glare from external light sources remains a critically important indicator of the visual quality of the image. Due to uniform dispersion of direct light falling on the panel, non-glare panels have improved visibility of the image, which is very important in brightly lit interiors of large shopping centers and shops. Regardless of the settings, the visually high image quality of these panels is the hallmark of the UH55F-E series. UH55F-E series panels guarantee excellent readability of your messages, vivid vibrant colors and unforgettable impressions for your target audience of consumers.

A reliable and economical solution for video walls with UHD resolution

Video walls Samsung regardless of the conditions of external lighting will allow you to convey to consumers your content. This panel converts the content with the standard Full-High resolution (FHD) into a clearer Ultra-High Definition (UHD) format. The UH55F-E series are the industry’s first 5×5 video wall panels with a daisy chain connection, a DisplayPort (DP) port and HDMI ports. In this case UH55F-E panels are able to display high-quality UHD content simultaneously on many screens. In addition, video walls based on Samsung UH55F-E panels, thanks to the 5×5 format, are highly economical compared to existing video walls controlled by individual computers that require the use of special video cards and in which UHD splitters are limited by configurations, including the use of video walls in a format no higher than 2×2 panels. Improved features and flexibility of new panels open new opportunities for business, offering consumers more interesting high-quality content at no additional cost.

Evaluate the high efficiency of UHD resolution with factory calibration of visual parameters

Multistage factory calibration of panels in Samsung plants ensures the highest uniformity of brightness and contrast of all video wall panels, which eliminates the additional adjustment of these parameters after installing the video wall. Due to this UHD content on the screen is displayed in the best way. After calibration, the panel features the industry’s highest brightness uniformity and color accuracy over the entire display area, exceeding 90%. In addition, the calibration process ensures a uniform white balance. Finally, in addition to the factory calibration, users can adjust the brightness and color uniformity themselves with the powerful and convenient free program Samsung Color Expert. Thanks to these improved color management solutions,

Finally, at the disposal of consumers appeared panels with unsurpassed image quality

However, it should be noted that in extreme environmental conditions, the image quality on individual video wall panels may deteriorate due to distortion and color irregularity. Finally, these panels are characterized by a high uniformity of illumination, which ensures a consistently high image quality on the video wall screen and high durability. To avoid such violations of image quality, Samsung’s video walls are subjected to the toughest tests for reliability and durability. Each panel of the video wall is characterized by increased resistance to heat, precipitation and other environmental factors. As a result, in Samsung panels, such defects as darkening of the screen, light leakage and degradation of the image with time are eliminated.

An effective and reliable system of informing consumers to increase the efficiency of your business

New Samsung panels series UH55F-E for video walls are designed for operation in a wide variety of environmental conditions. This video wall has a high contrast image (46 inches: 3500: 1, and 55 inches: 4000: 1) and a high brightness of 700 nits, which provides a crystal clear and clear picture, the high quality of which is preserved regardless of ambient lighting conditions. Designed for operation in the “24/7” mode, UH55F-E panels will be able to deliver content that meets the requirements of your business to the consumer. All these features turn the UH55F-E video wall into the best choice for display of commercial content, for which the key requirement is improved readability.

Effective and reliable solution "All-in-one"

Built-in media player with a 4-core processor allows you to easily switch to different sources of content and support the operation of video walls of different configurations. Built-in SSSP platform (Samsung SMART Signage Platform) of the “all-in-one” type, 4-core processor and MagicInfo S3 software provide simple and convenient content management.

Convenient wall brackets for video wall panels

Special wall brackets make it easy to mount video walls without using replaceable spare parts Since the wall brackets are made to fit the size of the video wall, users can easily mount the bracket first and then mount the elements of the video wall onto them. Such a friendly installation system eliminates tedious operations for measuring and adjusting the position of video wall panels. All this eliminates the need to dismantle an entire video wall to replace or repair a separate panel.



The size of the diagonal is


Active display area

1209.6 x 680.4 mm

The screen color is

8 bits - 16.7 million.

Vertical scanning frequency

48 ~ 75 Hz

Panel type


Static contrast ratio

4000: 1

Color coverage



Max. 700 cd / m2


1920 * 1080

Viewing angles (H / V)


The frequency of the vertical scan is

30 kHz ~ 81 kHz

Dynamic Contrast


Pixel pitch (Horizontal x Vertical)

0.63 mm (horizontal) x 0.63 mm (vertical)

Response time (ms)

8 ms

The maximum pixel frequency of

148.5MHz pixels


HDMI Input


USB2 connector


Audio Input / Output

Stereo mini jack, RGB / DVI / DP / HDMI

RS232 Output


IR receiver for remote control


Input DP


Component signal input


Audio Output

Stereo mini jack

Input RJ45




DVI Input


Composite signal input



Out No

Output RJ45


Tuner input




RS232 Input


IR receiver input


Weight (g)


21.0 kg

Shipping weight

27.4 kg


Dimensions (WxHxD)

1211.5 x 682.3 x 96.3 mm

Dimensions in the package (W x H x D)

1355 x 809 x 320 mm

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