Samsung Flip White Board WM55H

What is the Flip Whiteboard?

Samsung Flip-chart or whiteboard (WM55H) is an interactive display that stimulates productivity and efficiency of teamwork. Thanks to the use of the Samsung Flip Chart, meetings and meetings can be held anywhere and anytime, because in addition to handwriting on the screen, you can download digital content from an external source. See how the Samsung Flip Chart can help you and your team work better, more efficiently and faster.

Samsung Flip with Stand Price in Rupees:


-Converting any space into a meeting room

-Navigation with touch controls

-Enjoy universal connectivity

Draw, Write, Share Ideas

Flip notes

Appreciate the familiar feeling of traditional handwriting and drawing 
using different colors, styles and thicknesses of lines. Up 
to 4 people can write on this flipchart simultaneously, using 
any item as a writing instrument.

Upload any content to the flip chart

Flip-exchange of content

Thanks to the ability to connect to Samsung a flip chart of any mobile device, you and your team can add comments to any content without compromising the visual quality of the image.

Intuitive navigation

Flip Navigation

Intuitive navigation Flip-chart Samsung, friendly menu shortens the time to manage or view the results of creativity. You can download and view separately created previously pages and make corrections to them directly on the screen.

Protect your valuable ideas

Flip protection

Thanks to a reliable security system, your valuable ideas born in the brainstorming process will be in good hands. Each team in your office can set a digital password to lock the display and hide important content from prying eyes.



The size of the diagonal is


Brightness (typical value)

300 (without glass), 220 (with glass)

Color coverage


Vertical scanning frequency

60 Hz (typical value)

Panel type

Edge LED

Static contrast ratio

4700: 1 (typical value) (without glass)

Transparency of glass

2.3% (without glass)

Dynamic Contrast



3840 * 2160

Viewing angles (H / V)


The frequency of the vertical scan is

135 kHz (typical value)

Pixel pitch (Horizontal x Vertical)

0.105 x 0.315 (mm)

Response time (ms)

8 ms (typical value)

The maximum pixel frequency of

578 MHz


HDMI Input


USB2 connector

(side edge, sensor assembly)

Audio Input / Output


RS232 Input


IR receiver input


Bluetooth support


DP Input


Component signal input


Audio Output


RS232 output


HDBaseT Input


DVI Input


Composite signal input



Out No

Input RJ45




Tuner input


Input RGB


Output Power


Output RJ45


3G adapter


Electrical Characteristics

Power supply

100-240 V (50 / 60Hz)

Power consumption ("On" mode)

165 W

Power consumption (standby)

0.5 W


Dimensions (WxHxD)

1302.6 x 805.5 x 52.0 mm

Dimensions in the package (W x H x D)

1469 x 924 x 210 mm

Power consumption (standby)

0.5 W

Weight (g)


28.9 kg

Shipping weight

34.9 kg

Samsung FLIP

A whiteboard that has been playing a leading role in offices and conference rooms for decades. Samsung’s “Flip Digital Whiteboard” is trying to renew its image as an interactive alternative. Like a white board, you can write directly on a 55-inch screen or you can draw up to 4 at the same time using objects. You can also advance to collaborators in remote areas with wireless connection and share ideas to other people in real time. Also, at 4K resolution, notes, sketches, works can be seen as well. There is a stand with a portable tire, you can choose none.

Flip chart is an effective group communication tool that conference attendees record opinions and share ideas on large paper, and Flip is a new concept that combines such analog sensitivity and state-of-the-art UX (user experience) Conference solution. 

In fact, Flip is equipped with a 55-inch size interactive display that supports UHD (ultra high image quality) resolution, and a convenient function useful at the meeting was put in full force. 

Advanced touch display technology is also applied, boasting the industry’s highest level of touch reaction speed equivalent to Samsung Electronics’s “Galaxy Note 8” of the premium smart forefront. 

Also, not only a separate special pen but also a general pen can be written simultaneously up to four people, recognizing the difference in the fine thickness depending on the type of writing instrument, thin the line like a ballpoint pen , It can be drawn thick like a fluorescent pen.

This product supports various communication and data transmission standards such as Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) · NFC (Near Field Communication), HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) · USB (Mobile Storage Device), etc. It is a smartphone · tablet · You can easily exchange documents with office IT equipment like PC. It also has a convenience function that allows real time sharing of conference results with mail, cloud, USB etc.

Modern design of the white board concept, harmonized with the office interior, by human engineering design, the height of the stand stand is adjusted automatically according to your eyes when changing horizontal and vertical screens

For a smart kind of collaboration

A smart feature when working with the Samsung Flip is the ability to see the information at the end of the meeting centrally store and share. The results can be saved, printed or sent to others at the touch of a button Participants are sent.

Save content

Content can be in the internal memory of the Samsung Flip to back up. Protects against unauthorized access to the data access via PIN code.

Share and send content

Files and pictures on the flip can be: By e-mail, USB or network export and forward or even print directly.

Comfortable sharing via e-mail

To share files via e-mail, the address can be via the Keyboard entered or written by hand.

Modern presentation platform

The UHD resolution also allows professional Presentations in excellent quality. • Leave with Miracast / Intel WiDi technology digital content through smartphones, tablets or PCs.\

  • Integrate and through compatible smartphones operate wirelessly.
  • Protection of your data
  • For ideas, facts and figures against unauthorized access to protect, the Samsung Flip has different Security features, such as B. the backup of individual Sessions by PIN code.
  • The menu also allows PIN-protected administrator Settings are made. For example, the deactivation four of the USB port or the network interface.