Selected: to VGA Multi Monitor External Video Adapter-USB2VGAE2 to VGA Multi Monitor External Video Adapter-USB2VGAE2

Interface a VGA screen for an all-inclusive work area multi-screen USB arrangement

Part No :- USB2VGAE2

  • Ideal execution at 1440×900 (higher goals bolstered) and perfect for use with 17″ to 19″ screens or littler
  • Works with work area and smart phones
  • No power connector required



The USB2VGAE2 USB to VGA outer video connector is the ideal multi-screen VGA answer for office applications and Internet perusing.

The USB video connector includes a little shape factor and empowers a USB 2.0 port to be utilized with a VGA port. A cost-sparing multi-screen or double showcase choice that can be utilized as an outside illustrations card for either workstation or work area applications.

The USB video connector can be utilized with up to four extra (five aggregate) USB2VGAE2 USB video connectors, making different VGA associations that can be utilized to additionally expand or reflect the work area appeared on the current presentation – all without opening the PC case to include additional video cards.


Include an auxiliary showcase connector and broaden your work area show without dismantling your PC to introduce another video card

Include different (up to five) screens/projectors to your PC setup utilizing one USB2VGAE2 gadget for each extra showcase

View substantial or various spreadsheets over different showcases

A minimized, lightweight answer for voyaging business partners utilizing PC PCs empowering association with an auxiliary showcase

Associate different screens to a solitary PC to make drawing in mixed media introductions

Utilize the connector to associate your PC to your TV for demonstrating family pictures and motion pictures

Increment profitability by running numerous applications on various screens, browse your email on one showcase and work on a report in the other

Extraordinary for scientists and journalists offering the capacity to have reference material on one showcase and a working report duplicate on the other.