Selected: to VGA Adapter - External USB Video Graphics Card for PC and MAC- 1920x1200-USB2VGAPRO2 to VGA Adapter – External USB Video Graphics Card for PC and MAC- 1920×1200-USB2VGAPRO2

Interface a VGA show for an all-inclusive work area multi-screen USB arrangement

Part No :- USB2VGAPRO2

  • Ideal execution at 1920×1200 and perfect for use with 24″ to 26″ screens or littler
  • Support for Aero topics in Windows®
  • Works with Mac® OS X



The USB2VGAPRO2 USB to VGA Adapter works as an outer designs card for Windows® and Mac® PCs – the ideal answer for transforming your work area or workstation phone a double or multi-screen condition, all through the effortlessness and comfort of USB.

The USB-VGA Adapter conveys fantastic video (up to 1920×1200) for an assortment of utilizations and is able to do all the while running up to five extra shows from a solitary PC (utilizing four USB2VGAPRO2 External Video Adapters). The connector associates with a host PC through a USB 2.0 port, going about as an outer VGA video card to either expand or reflect the work area appeared on the current showcase – without opening the PC case.

Highlighting driver bolster for Microsoft Windows® (counting Aero topics) and Mac OS X, and with video bolster for goals up to 1920×1200, this USB-VGA video connector is the perfect answer for a wide rade of working conditions just as substantial screen shows/screens.


Include numerous (up to five) screens/projectors to your PC setup utilizing one USB2VGAPRO2 gadget for each extra showcase

View substantial or different spreadsheets over numerous presentations

Increment profitability by running numerous applications on various VGA screens; browse your email on one showcase while altering an archive on the other

Utilize the USB-VGA connector to interface your PC to your TV for indicating family pictures and motion pictures

Interface numerous VGA screens to a solitary PC to make drawing in mixed media introductions

Incredible for analysts and scholars offering the capacity to have reference material on one showcase and a working record duplicate on the other