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USB-C to HDMI Adapter – White

Associate your MacBook, Chromebook or workstation with USB-C to a HDMI show or projector

Part No. :- CDP2HDW

  • Bother free association with the reversible USB-C connector
  • Greatest versatility with a little impression and lightweight structure
  • Jolt 3 port perfect



This USB-C™ to HDMI® connector gives you a chance to yield HDMI video and sound from a USB Type-C™ gadget, for example, a MacBook or Chromebook™ PC. This connector works with USB-C gadgets that pass a DisplayPort video flag. It’s likewise perfect with Thunderbolt™ 3 ports.


  • Keep the adapter with you while traveling, to connect to any HDMI monitor, television or projector you come across
  • Connect your BYOD MacBook or Chromebook to a provided HDMI display at work
  • Walk into any boardroom with your USB-C laptop ready to present
  • Connect an HDMI display to your USB-C laptop to use as a secondary monitor

Extreme versatility

This USB type-C video connector is exceptionally versatile with a little impression and lightweight plan. The connector is the ideal adornment for your MacBook or Chromebook, fitting effectively into your workstation pack or conveying case, which is incredible for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) applications at the workplace.

Bother free association with USB Type-C

This connector gives you a chance to use the adaptable USB Type-C port on your versatile gadget. USB Type-C is a reversible connector, so it doesn’t make a difference which way you plug it in, the connector will dependably work, sparing you the issue and humiliation of fiddling with your gadget when you’re endeavoring to convey an introduction.

Bewildering picture quality

At multiple times the goals of superior quality 1080p, you’ll be flabbergasted at the image nature of a 4K screen or TV. The connector gives you a chance to bridle the video capacities incorporated with your USB Type-C association, to convey the surprising nature of Ultra HD to your 4K show. In addition, the connector is in reverse perfect with 1080p showcases, which makes it an extraordinary frill for home, office or other workspace applications.

The CDP2HDW highlights a white lodging that looks incredible with your MacBook and is sponsored by a 2-year guarantee and free lifetime specialized help.

Note: Your USB-C prepared gadget must help video to work with this connector.