3.0 to VGA Video Adapter – On-board Driver Installation – 1920×1200-USB32VGAV

Add an optional VGA show to your USB 3.0 empowered PC, and introduce the drivers without a CD or Internet association

Part No :- USB32VGAV

  • Bother free setup while you’re in a hurry, with drivers that introduce consequently without an Internet association or programming circle
  • Increment profitability by associating an extra showcase utilizing a USB port
  • Uncommon outside execution with help for video goals up to 1920×1200



This USB 3.0 to VGA video connector fills in as an outer video card, empowering the USB port on your PC to yield video to a VGA show at 1920 x 1200 goals. The connector additionally includes on-board driver establishment, which implies the connector will work when you interface it, even without a product plate or Internet association.


Introduce an outer video card on a gadget that does not have a CD-ROM or Internet association

Increment efficiency by running numerous applications on various presentations; browse your email on one showcase while altering a record on the other

Add an optional VGA show to your work area without dismantling your PC to introduce another video card

View substantial or various spreadsheets over numerous presentations