Selected: Laptop Cable Lock Anchor - Large LTANCHORL Laptop Cable Lock Anchor – Large LTANCHORL

Deskmount Cable Anchor | Includes Mounting Screws | Adhesive Backing
  • Help ensure your workstation, dock or other gadget against robbery by including a protected grapple point for a link lock
  • Stay point with enormous 1.4″ W x 0.7″ H (35 x 19 mm) ring opening furnishes adaptable use with thicker link locks, or different links
  • Simple to join to strong surfaces utilizing included screws and cement backing



Make a flexible and secure stay point in practically any area, to help protect your PC, docking station or other gadget against robbery. This workstation link lock grapple includes a huge ringed structure that joins effectively to a strong surface, to give a solid and secure stay point for your link lock (sold independently).

Enormous Size Ringed Cable Anchor

With its enormous ringed structure, the link lock stay point gives sufficient space to string thicker link locks, or more than one link through the 1.4″ W x 0.7″ H (35 x 19 mm) opening.

A Convenient Way to Secure Your Device

Secure your gadget, and your venture, by including a PC link lock grapple point to a work area, counter, cupboard, divider or other strong area. The screw-on link lock stay makes it simple to bolt your workstation to your work area. It includes a little impression and is anything but difficult to join utilizing two screws and the glue pad (included). It gives you the comfort of picking the area of the stay point for your link lock.