Selected: DDC EDID Ghosting Emulator with EDID Copy-VSEDIDDVI DDC EDID Ghosting Emulator with EDID Copy-VSEDIDDVI

Duplicate or copy Extended Display Identification (EDID) information for ideal showcase settings
  • Stores EDID settings notwithstanding when unit has been unplugged
  • Keep up legitimate showcase settings when utilizing video augmentation frameworks
  • Rotational switch for manual goals setting determination
  • USB-controlled utilizing the included USB to DC control link



The VSEDIDDVI DVI EDID Emulator empowers you to catch and hold Extended Display Identification Data from a screen, which would then be able to be associated with the video flag source (Video Extender, KVM Switch, and so forth.) to pass the EDID data and guarantee the best possible video settings are kept up.

EDID data contains critical presentation settings, for example, greatest picture estimate, shading qualities, processing plant pre-set timings, recurrence run limits, and so on., and since most video extender frameworks don’t offer EDID correspondence between the source and remote showcase, the DVI EDID Emulator is an ideal workaround for guaranteeing the ideal flag is given to the presentation to help drag out the life of your presentations.