to DVI Video Adapter Converter-DP2DVI

Interface a DVI screen to a solitary mode DisplayPort yield from your PC

Part No :- DP2DVI

  • Bother free availability with fitting and-play DP to DVI video connector
  • Most extreme versatility with a little impression and lightweight plan
  • Perfectly clear picture quality with help for top notch video goals up to 1920×1200 or 1080p



This DisplayPort to DVI connector gives you a chance to associate your DP PC to a DVI screen or projector. The connector works with DisplayPort PCs like your HP Elitebook Revolve 810 G3.

Effortlessly associate your DisplayPort PC to a DVI show

The DP to DVI connector gives you a chance to interface your DisplayPort PC or work station to a DVI show. The connector underpins fitting and-play network guaranteeing a problem free setup.

Works with inheritance DVI screens

The DisplayPort connector makes your DP PC completely good with existing DVI screens or projectors in your home or around your office. The DVI connector highlights nuts that mate with the screws on standard DVI links, to guarantee your video link won’t get detached.


Keep the connector with you while you’re voyaging, to associate with DVI shows at expos

Interface your BOYD PC to a DVI office hot work areas or meeting room projector

Utilize your DVI screen as an optional showcase