Selected: Table Connectivity Box for A/V - 4K-BOX4HDECP2 Table Connectivity Box for A/V – 4K-BOX4HDECP2

Interconnect Box | HDMI®, VGA and DisplayPort Inputs | HDMI Output
  • Effectively team up by associating your HDMI, VGA or DisplayPort PC to your meeting room’s HDMI show, from a solitary passage
  • Charge your telephone or tablet, with three open USB charge ports
  • Add style and mechanical advancement to your meeting room or assembly room by structure an A/V network confine to your table with a spring up board that shrouds ports when they’re not being used



This gathering table availability box for A/V introduces in your table or podium to give A/V, systems administration, and USB charging network in your meeting room, assembly hall, or study hall. The container makes it simple to associate HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA PCs to your room’s huge HDMI show, and gives LAN and USB control network for charging USB gadgets. The container likewise gives some meeting room link the board by concealing network links in your table.