Selected: and S-Video to VGA Video Scan Converter-VID2VGATV2 and S-Video to VGA Video Scan Converter-VID2VGATV2

Convert and Scale a Composite or S-Video Signal to Work with a VGA Display
  • Convert and scale Composite/S-Video contribution to VGA/Component yield
  • Acknowledges NTSC and PAL input
  • On-Screen Display for straightforward yield setting choice



The VID2VGATV2 Composite and S-Video to VGA Video Scan Converter (with Scaler) gives a basic method to change over Composite or S-Video signs to VGA (or Component RCA) yield, for use with PC screens, projectors or HDTV sets.

Outfitted with an On-Screen Display (OSD) menu and plunge switches for basic setup and determination of your video yield settings, this reduced video scaler introduces rapidly and effectively for a genuine attachment and-play involvement. A coordinated scaler circuit powerfully changes over the S-Video or Composite video input flag, giving you various yield goals to browse, to guarantee similarity with your presentation or projector.

In addition, the Component/S-Video-VGA Converter incorporates a VGA to Component (RCA) breakout link, which empowers you to interface with TV sets that are not outfitted with a VGA port.