Selected: and S-Video to HDMI Converter with Audio-VID2HDCON and S-Video to HDMI Converter with Audio-VID2HDCON

Convert a Composite or S-Video Signal and the Accompanying Audio to HDMI®
  • Capacities with NTSC and PAL frameworks
  • PC/TV goals selector switch for similarity with a wide range of showcases
  • 50/60 Hz casing rate transformation



The VID2HDCON Composite and S-Video to HDMI® Video Converter (with Audio) lets you connect an S-Video or Composite device, along with supporting 3.5mm audio, to your HDMI monitor or television.

Equipped with convenient selector switches for easy configuration, the S-Video/Composite to HDMI converter is able to function with both NTSC and PAL systems, and offers support for output resolutions up to 1600×1200 (PC) or 1080p (TV) to seamlessly integrate with almost any display.

The converter features an integrated 3.5mm audio connection that enables sending the output through a single HDMI cable to your destination display, avoiding the hassle of running a separate audio cable.