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Associate your VGA or Component video source to a HDMI® show
Part No. VGA2HD2
  • Backings YPbPr (segment information) and HD15 PC VGA input
  • Backings input goals up to 1080p (HDTV) and 1920 x 1200 (PC)
  • Incorporates Component to VGA connector link



The VGA2HD2 Component/VGA to HDMI® Video Converter offers consistent change from a simple VGA or Component video source, for example, a Computer, DVR, or DVD player, to a computerized HDMI® yield.

The converter lessens hardware costs by dispensing with the need to update singular simple segments, by offering an answer that changes over a simple video source (RGB/YPbPr) for use with an advanced HDMI® show.

This adaptable simple computerized converter not just backings goals up to 1920×1200 including top notch 1080p, yet additionally empowers you to change over and consolidate a simple RCA sound source into its advanced HDMI® yield flag.