Selected: Port VGA over Cat5 Digital Signage Broadcaster with RS232 & Audio-DS128 Port VGA over Cat5 Digital Signage Broadcaster with RS232 & Audio-DS128

Broaden and halfway oversee VGA video, sound and RS232 control signs to various showcases

Part No. DS128

  • DS Series 8 Port Broadcaster can convey VGA, Audio, and RS-232 signs to the DSRXL recipient
  • Backings goals up to 1600×1200 at 100m/300ft separation. Capacity to go up to an absolute most extreme 300m/900ft when daisy tying a limit of five DSRXL recipients
  • Included DSNet Manager JAVA based programming places you in charge. Programming enables access to every recipient to arrange framework, picture quality, control on/off collectors, and turn video or sound off.


Overview’s DS Series Cat5 Digital Signage Broadcaster with RS232 Serial and Audio offers a thorough sound and video augmentation framework, with the additional advantage of sequential control!

Good with for all intents and purposes any VGA-fit PC or Digital Signage media player, the DS128 VGA Splitter gives you a chance to convey VGA video just as the going with sound and sequential control signs to the associated Cat5 VGA Receivers (DSRXL – obtained independently), all through one Cat5 link.

Contained this unit (DS128) and the relating recipients, our DS Series offers a few exceptional highlights contrasted with our other VGA Extenders, including the capacity to expand RS-232 sequential signs from the source to each show for controlling the presentations just as Java Client Management Software (DSNet Manager) that rearranges modifying the settings for every collector and show. The sofware can be controlled through an Ethernet port on a PC/Media Player or on a LAN (Local Area Network).

Guaranteeing not just a basic and financially savvy approach to expand and control VGA video and the comparing sound, the DS arrangement (DS128 and DSRXL) likewise keeps up outstanding, amazing video, up to 1600×1200 over a 100m association. For further augmentation, you would daisy be able to bind up to five collectors, for a most extreme separation of 300m.