Selected: HDMI Audio Extractor with 4K 60Hz Support-HD202A HDMI Audio Extractor with 4K 60Hz Support-HD202A

HDMI® Audio De-embedder | HDR | Toslink® Optical Audio | Dual RCA Audio | HDMI Audio
Part No. HD202A
  • Independent and send the sound from a 4K HDMI video flag to committed sound gadgets
  • Backings the most recent HDMI 2.0 determinations and HDR video go through
  • Bother free association with advanced optical sound or Dual RCA sound gadgets



This 4K HDMI audio extractor lets you de-embed the audio from your HDMI video streams to create a distinct audio output that you can connect directly to a digital or analog audio device. Supporting HDMI 2.0 specifications, the de-embedder maintains 4K 60Hz resolutions to deliver a seamless video experience.