Magewell Pro Capture Mini SDI

One-channel HD capture card
Part No. 11132, 11130, 11131
  • Captures SD/HD/3G/ 2K SDI + embedded audio
  • Loop-through SD/HD/3G/2K SDI

You can pick distinctive warmth sinks for the cards by tapping on the Part Number. The card with a huge warmth sink is Pro Capture Mini SDI LH (PN: 11131) while the card with a little warmth sink is Pro Capture Mini SDI SH (PN: 11130). A card without a warmth sink is Pro Capture Mini SDI (PN: 11132).

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Particulars and Features
Information Interface
  • SD/HD/3G/2K SDI x1
  • Bolster input goals up to 2048×1080 pixels
Host Interface
  • PCIe Gen2 x1
Video Engine
  • 10-bit video preparing
  • Deinterlace
  • Editing
  • Shading Adjustment
  • Equipment Timestamp
  • Shading Space Conversion
  • Up/down Conversion
  • Perspective Ratio Conversion
  • OSD
  • SG-DMA Transmission mode
Signal Detection and Support
  • Auto Detection of Input Signal Format
  • Time Code
  • Shut Caption
Programming Environment
  • Operating system
  • Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Driver and Firmware
  • Widespread Driver, Updatable Firmware
  • Included Software
  • Catch Express
  • Numerous Capture Streams
  • Low Latency Mode
  • Numerous Devices on One Host
  • Mounting Hole
  • Persistently Work for 24hx7
  • Fast Memory
  • Windows&Linux SDK