Lumens LC 102

Lumens LC 102

Lumens VS-LC102 Lecture Capture Device


Main Features :

Supports up to Four Input Sources Concurrently, with Full HD

The Lumens CaptureVision Station is equipped with HDMI / VGA/ RJ-45 ports and supports Full HD 1080p video and audio recording — so there’s no need to purchase extra matrix equipment. In addition, it supports synchronized, multi-source inputs such as IP PT, cameras, document cameras, and laptops.

Easy Installation

CaptureVision Station is an embedded system, which makes it more stable than competing products on the market. The CaptureVision Station utilizes a compact design and supports Ethernet, allowing for integration with IP cameras. This makes for cost-effective and simple installation and setup.

Distance Learning

The CaptureVision Station supports live streaming to deliver live video, audio, and instruction to another location simultaneously. Also, it supports HTML 5 for viewing the course content on any devices via a web browser.
Supports Lecture To Go Regarding security and privacy concerns, the presenter can decide to record the video onto a flash drive only. The recorded files will not be saved into the CaptureVision Station. This will protect intellectual property rights.

Graphical User Interface Allows Ease of Use

The CaptureVision Station is designed with a friendly graphical user interface that is easy-to-use. The CaptureVision Station embedded playback function allows users to review recorded video immediately. For optimal convenience in operation, the signal input is managed with the included remote control, and the parameter is recorded from the administration webpage.

Editing feature can inject logo, head, and tail video files and insert a watermark

CaptureVision Station utilizes customized functions to produce professional microfilm easily and quickly. Users can insert watermarks, titles, and trailers so that film can be produced instantly without a lengthy post-production process.

Supports Backup Recorded Videos & Scheduled Recordings

The CaptureVision Stations’ recorded videos can be saved to a built-in hard disk (1T5) or external hard disk using a flash drive. Afterwards, the files can be uploaded to an FTP/SFTP site or to a cloud platform such as YouTube, UStream, and Twitch. Additionally, it supports scheduled recordings and FTP/SFTP uploading at a specific time.