Heckler Design H523-GW | BG

Structured in a joint collaboration with the Zoom people explicitly to control Zoom Rooms, this striking equipment empowers you to utilize iPad – the best gadget for Zoom Rooms control – without trade-off. Smooth looks, business level development, delightful completion, robbery opposition, and discretionary PoE control with MFi-Certified Gigabit Ethernet organizing join to create an article you’d be pleased to put between your CEO and your greatest customer.


Lightweight and Cost Effective

Zoom Rooms Console’s 30-degree edge is flawless to control your video meeting and to make a very late participant welcome. It additionally shields your controller from obstructing to a perspective on your gathering members.

Felt feet on the underside empowers you to share Zoom Rooms Console around your gathering room table.

Great Looks From All Angles

We know your video gathering controller sits among you and your most imperative clients, so we painstakingly planned Zoom Rooms Console to inspire from the front, the side, and the back.

Perfect With Zoom Rooms Direct Share

Your Zoom Rooms controller iPad produces ultrasonic signs that empower euphorically straightforward screen sharing amid your gatherings. Zoom Rooms Console verifies your iPad while keeping these critical signs unmuffled.