Cisco WAP321 Wireless-N Access Point with Single Point Setup

Cisco WAP121 and WAP321  Single Point Setup






Single Point Setup gives a novel unified strategy to regulate and deal with the Cisco® WAP121

Remote N Access Point with Single Point Setup and Cisco WAP321 Wireless-N Selectable-Band Access Point

with Single Point Setup. Utilizing one passage on a system of various WAP121 or WAP321 passageways,

Single Point Setup gives a solitary perspective of the entire WLAN to repeat arrangement, security, and the board overall passages. When a remote bunch is made, Single Point Setup encourages channel arranging over

the remote system, diminishing radio impedance and expanding data transmission and execution.

Single Point Setup Benefits

● Configure, oversee, and better secure the remote system from a solitary point as opposed to designing each

passage independently; this can spare time and cash for both system setup and upkeep

● With an electronic GUI and setup wizard, designing a solitary passageway and engendering the arrangement

to all the arranged passages is additionally rearranged and should even be possible remotely. This implies setup and

organization of the WLAN can be performed from home, a remote office, or while out and about

● Expand the WLAN rapidly and effectively as your ability prerequisites change and develop, decreasing

operational expenses

● No extra equipment or programming is required to deal with your remote system, decreasing capital venture

● Channel arranging is likewise overseen inside a bunch, diminishing radio impedance and expanding data transfer capacity

furthermore, inclusion for ideal system execution

● Group up to four passageways with the WAP121 and up to eight passageways on the WAP321. Blending a

group of WAP121 and WAP321 passageways is beyond the realm of imagination today, yet separate bunches effectively incorporate

what’s more, interoperate on the remote LAN. This can empower the execution of cutting-edge highlights, for example,

secure visitor access in one region with WAP321, while utilizing the more fundamental WAP121 somewhere else for additional straightforward usefulness and lower cost.