BOSCH LBD0606/10 6W Metal Ceiling Loudspeaker

The Bosch LBD 0606/10 is a broadly useful, 6 W, cost compelling roof amplifier. The amplifier can have for imitating music and additionally discourse.



The speaker gets together comprises of a solitary piece, 6W double cone amplifier, and edge, with a 100 V, coordinating transformer mounted on the back. The wide recurrence extend implies better discourse and music propagation. Roof speakers are provided with a 100 V coordinating transformer with taps on the essential twisting for full power, half-control, quarter-power, and eighth-control radiation. The LBD0606/10 has indispensable spring clips on the back which can be utilized to effectively settle the amplifier into the false roof. A round metal grille is a coordinated piece of the front. The appearance and unbiased white shading have been chosen to be subtle in for all intents and purposes all insides. The metal grille can be painted to any shading to coordinate the foundation.