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Kramer VIA : Wireless Collaboration Solution - Enhancing Meeting Room Experience

The solution is part of the Kramer VIA Wireless Presentation and Collaboration Solutions portfolio, which is ideal for meeting environments such as small meeting rooms, small to medium sized meeting rooms, and deluxe boardrooms. Kramer VIA allows users to easily connect wirelessly and let everyone in the room participate in the work you are doing. It provides a real-time sharing platform based on a digital canvas for all laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Through any laptop or mobile device, users can wirelessly share files of any size, play full HD (1080p60) streaming videos without interruption, and convert the main display to an electronic whiteboard, including iOS images for MacBook, iPad and iPhone. And Android mirroring (Lollipop OS 5.0 or later). We are Authorized Kramer Dealer.

Kramer VIA GO

VIA GO of Kramer provides instant wireless connectivity with advanced presentation technology for iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC and MAC users. VIA GO streaming media content playback features ultra clear video and smooth video playback. The solution includes iOS, Windows and Android Mirroring, with industry-leading 1024-bit encryption and built-in Wi-Fi, VIA GO can be safely used on the Internet.

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VIA Collage: Full-featured solution for complex conferencing environments​

VIA Collage: Full-featured solution for complex conferencing environments

You can display (4K Ultra HD) up to 6 users’ screens at the same time on one main screen, or two screens can display 12 user screens at the same time. Users can view the main display through their own devices. Remote users can easily join a conference by installing a  video conference and office application.

Via Connect Pro​

Kramer VIA Connect PRO can display 4 users’ screens on the main display at the same time. Most meeting rooms have a screen and a wireless hub just by adding the new true collaboration in the box from Kramer. It allows you to use Via Connect pro as a tool for allowing up to four people at any one time to work together on the screen in true collaboration wirelessly.

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Kramer Via Connect Plus

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VIA Connect Plus is a Wireless Presentation and Collaboration Solution: Kramer VIA provides true collaboration for conference rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, training rooms or negotiation rooms of all sizes. Use your own wireless device to join the conference through a wireless connection so that all participants can effectively participate in the collaboration. Since its inception in 2014, VIA has received more than ten awards from major technology magazines around the world.

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VIA Campus: Wireless Presentation and Collaboration Solution for Education and Training​

Teachers can use online voting and online testing to easily and in real-time measure student content. VIA Campus can display up to 6 user screens simultaneously on one main display, or 12 user screens simultaneously on two displays.

VIA Collage: Full-featured solution for complex conferencing environments​

Kramer VIA Site Management​

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Kramer provides VIA Site Management to customers with multiple VIA devices. This software application helps IT administrators easily view and manage all VIA devices on the same network.

Kramer continues to strive for total excellence, as evidenced by its recent acquisition of Sierra Video Systems, a well-known broadcast equipment manufacturer. The acquisition allows Kramer to maximize product development, innovate product lines and build more cost-effectiveness.

The Kramer team treats each use project as the only customer requirement. These requirements will correspond to carefully designed solutions based on deep commitment to customer development from product development to customer service.

You’ll discover Kramer’s diverse applications—from simple solutions to complex integrated systems—from business and presentations to residential applications. Kramer is proud of its connections through products and people.

Kramer Switchers

First of all What is Switcher​?

Simply speaking, the switcher is used to control the input and output signals or data. For example: There are 4 DVDs as the signal source but only one TV is the display device. How can we select the signal output to the TV on 4 DVDs? Machine? Manually pulling the cable is too much trouble. It requires an AV4 cut 1 and all four DVDs are input to the AV switcher. Then one signal is output from the AV switcher to the TV. When you need to see the number 1 DVD, Select 1 directly on the switch, 2 on the switch, and so on. Kramer is the Manufacturer of world’s best switchers.

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Distribution network systems

Kramer Distribution network systems typically consist of active components and passive components such as amplifiers, coaxial cables, splitters, and splitters. Its main function is to distribute the signals transmitted by the transmission system to the cadres in an accurate, high-quality and efficient manner. In the distribution network system, the branch distribution lines are mostly distributed in a radial shape, characterized by short lines, low amplifiers, high coverage efficiency, and economical rationality. The distribution network system is divided into an active distribution network and a passive user distribution network. BVM INDIA is Authorized Kramer Dealer and Distributor.

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Kramer Extender Distributor Model Numbers: VM214-DT, VM-4HDT, VM-212DT, VM-2DT, VM-3DT, VM-114H4C, VM-1H4C, VM-2UX, VM-4UX, VM-2HDT, VM-8UX, VM-2UX, VM-114H2C

Kramer Analog Distributor Model Numbers: VM1021N, VM-80VN, 105VB, 104LN, PT102VN, VM-10xl, VP-200AK, VP-400K, 101L, PT102SN, VM30AVB, VM-3VN, VM-51, VP111K, VP-12NHD, VP-200xln, VP-210K, VP-2L, VP-300K, VP6xIN, VP73, VP8K, VP 73, VP 200N5, VP2K, 104R, 103YCB, 104R, PT-102S, PT-103V, VM-100C, VM-100YC, VM-2C, VM-1042, VM-2N, VM312, VM3SN, VM50V, VM80V, VM92, VM-9S, VP-10, VP-103, VP-108, VP-123, VP-18, VP123V, VP18, VP200DXL, VP22, VP250, VP3, VP-450, VP-5XL, VM-10AN, VM5YCXL

Analog Digital Distributor Models: VM-2H2, VM-4H2, VM3H2, VM-16H, VM-8H, VM2hXL, VM-2HDCPxL, VM-3UHD, VM-4UHD, VM8HN, VM-10H2, VM4HC, VM24HC, VM216H, VM28H, VM22H, VM24H etc.

Kramer Control- Cloud Based Solution

It is the enterprise grade control system that works for any application and any budget. The kramer control system is fully customizable so you can create any interface on any device ios, android, Mac, PC, or Web Clients and kramer dashboard provides analytics as well as remote access and reports as well as alerts. Because of its simplicity, It can be monitored or controlled by any Person. It is just a drag and drop solution.

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This image is showing kramer's control device in conference room
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Kramer HDMI Professional Audio/Video Solutions

Repeaters, Flat Cables, connectors and Wall Plugs Improve HDMI Installation Performance

The growth of the HDMI market is significant for providing cable and accessory solutions that enable professional A/V installers to easily use all available HDMI products. These latest Kramer accessories demonstrate our commitment to the market and further expansion of high performance and versatile HDMI technology, and our customers will gain greater convenience and usability from these new products

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Kramer Scalers

As the name suggests, Video Scaler is the device that allows Video to scale.

Why does Video need to scale?

Because the output signal accuracy of video output equipment may not match the accuracy of Video’s display equipment, for example, the NTSC DVD output signal has a resolution of about 500 lines, and if you use HDTV, especially a projector, to watch, typical LCD projectors are now The highest resolution is 1024X768, so the signal accuracy and the display accuracy of the projector do not match. The projectors have built-in Scaler chips and the images can be displayed completely. However, anyone who has experience playing DVD+ projectors will know that they are seeing flashing, blurred and obscure images. We are kramer Authorized Dealer and Distributor for Kramer AV Products.

Kramer Scaler Categories: Video Scalers, presentation scaler, scan converters, broadcast converters.

Video Scaler Models: VP426, VSM 4X4HFS, VP-427A, VP-427H2, VP-510, VP-425, VP-246H2, VP-439, VP-432, VP-424, VP410, VP409, VP-417, VP-427, VP-482, VP-435, FC340, FC-340S, VP-470, 480, 421, 423, 420, VP-419XL, 715, 472, 481, 716 Etc.

Presentation scaler models: VP778, 734, 440, 558, 773A, 444, VSM 4X4HFS, VP-553 XL, VP-774A, 732, 445, 771, 772, 796A, 796ASV, 797A, 797ASV, 798ASV, 461, 790, 796, 460, 553, 731, 725N, 747, 747T, 428H2, 440H2, 725NA, 733, 772T.

Broadcast or Event Scalers Model: VP 772, 790, 794, SP14, 791, 792, 793

Scan Converters Model: VP 506, FC340, FC340S, VP701XL, VP704XL

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This picture is showing Kramer video scaler model vp-425
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BVM INDIA is the Kramer Authorized Dealer, Distributor for Kramer products : wireless collaboration systems, control systems, switchers and matrices, format and standard converters, extenders, distribution amplifiers, scalers, cables and more. Kramer is committed to providing valuable product solutions and the best customer service experience. Kramer has a wide range of solutions.