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BVM INDIA is a distributor of Hikvision cctv camera, video door phone, store, alarm, video intercom, storage, ivms etc and is a company company specializing in security design and security product wholesale.
Philosophy: Attentive service, customer success. The company provides its customers with professional security products like Hikvision cctv camera, nvr, dvr, and tailored system designs to meet customer needs. It provides our customers with system design product supply, engineering installation, commissioning and maintenance. we are Hikvision Authorized Distributor.

BVM India is the complete Hikvision Security System Distributor and Installer or system integrator  and can satisfy all Client’s need. From security system sales to installation, we are the best company you can choose for your project. We also install Hikvision cctv camera, video intercom, storage, video door phone, access control system, burglar system, traffic system etc. We have Highly trained and qualified Employees and have an experience of more than 15 years. we give first priority to good customer relations that’s why our most of the projects are from our beloved client’s reference.


  •  1. Banking  2. Parking  3. Hotel 4.  Entertainment 5.  Mobile Transport 6. Traffic 7. Retail  8. Industrial

A large number of highly skilled and experienced management and technical talents have gathered and a number of large-scale intelligent system engineering projects have been successfully implemented.

The company promises: not to pursue high prices, but to seek high quality, always provide users with reliable and reliable performance products, for our home, escort! ! !

Hikvision Brand development process:

Founded in 2001, HIKVISION is a leading provider of security products  and industry solutions. It is dedicated to continuously improving its video processing technology and video analysis technology, and providing leading security products and professional products such as Hikvision cctv camera for the world. Industry solutions and quality services continue to create greater value for our customers. HIKVISION owns industry-leading independent core technologies and sustainable R&D capabilities, and provides security products such as cameras/smart domes, optical transceivers, DVR/DVS/cards, network storage, video synthesis platforms, and central management software. And for the financial, public security, telecommunications, transportation, justice, education, power, water conservancy, military and many other industries to provide the appropriate segmentation products and professional industry solutions. The company’s marketing and service network covers the world. Currently, it has established branch office in Mumbai.


Featured Products

IR Traffic Speed Dome
This is an image of Hikvison cctv camera
IR Fixed Bullet Network Camera
Panic Alarm System
Video Door Phone

Hikvision products Hikvision has deep accumulation in the field of security video surveillance technology, products and solutions, and formed a full range of product systems ranging from front-end (perceived), transmission, storage, display control, to integrated management platforms, and to various governments and companies. The multi-level security needs of home, home and individual users provide a “one-stop” overall solution. We authorized Dealer, Distributor & reseller for Complete Hikvision Security Products

Hikvision is a postdoctoral scientific research workstation unit and has five R&D institutions in the world. It has nine core technologies and forward-looking technologies such as big data, cloud computing, cloud storage, and binocular identification, providing video capture, transmission, storage control, and alarms. More than 1,000 series of products, such as management software, and central management software, provide professional subdivision products and IVM intelligent visual management solutions for many industries such as finance, public security, telecommunications, transportation, justice, culture, education, energy, and buildings.      Hikvision’s main products are through the United States UL, the United States FCC, the European Union CE, China CCC, Australia C-tick, RoHS, WEEE environmental protection, military safety certification, to provide customers with green solutions to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

We design and construction installation, remote video conference system equipment sales, background music public broadcasting system design, elevator ladder card control system, elevator monitoring system, elevator five pairs wireless intercom system, access control, attendance, burglar alarm equipment installation and commissioning, perimeter alarm, electronic fence, infra-red detector equipment installation and debugging, smart home system design, equipment sales, security monitoring, security explosion-proof equipment. According to the full range of product equipment sales, security monitoring weak system maintenance maintenance maintenance, network weak integrated wiring construction.

Hikvision officially announced the 8 million-pixel 4K ultra HD cameras

Here are some of the Ultra HD cameras:

This is an image of Hikvison cctv camera
Hikvision DS-2CD2085FWD-I
Hikvision cctv camera
Hikvision DS-2CD2T85FWD-I5I8
Hikvision DS-2CD2685FWD-IZS
hikvision cctv camera
Hikvision DS-2CD2185FWD-I(S)
Hikvision DS-2CD2385FWD-I
Hikvision DS-2CD2785FWD-IZS

Hikvision’s 8 million 4K ultra-high-definition cameras have received widespread attention from all of us. We have only launched special models for construction projects. We are now officially releasing channel distribution series. Ordering model number: DS-2CD3T86F(D)WDV2-I3/I5/I8 (S) Hikvision agents all over the country have already sold.

Hikvision’s resolution of 8 million pixels is 3840X2160, which truly reaches the 4K level, the resolution is 4 times of 2 million 1080P, 8 times of 1 million 720P, and 8 million pixels are more detailed after zooming in. The best match is 4K HD display. , VCR with DS-7800NB-K1(/P) Series, DS-7800NB-K2(/P)(/DX) Series, DS-7900N-K4(/P) Series, Perfect for Best Performance, Seamless Resolution Docking, a pixel is not a waste, can be called close-up, star-level night vision color reproduction is better, noise is small, the image is more delicate and clear.

In accordance with the normal H264 encoding video storage, 8 million pixels a memory of about 160 GB a head 24 hours a day, which is too much memory, and must be compressed, the normal compression to H265 encoding the first day of storage is about 80GB, this is too much memory, Then we Hikvision again compressed, compressed to the Smart265 encoding the amount of storage each day about 36G, dignified 8 million UHD camcorder bandwidth is compressed to such a low, the effect remains unchanged, not only saves hard drive costs, but also saves switches and other network transmission equipment cost. Three 8 million cameras store only one 4T hard disk for one month. 

The appearance is more refined, 1/2” large target surface sensor image area is larger than the average product, wider, better night vision, widely used in ultra-high-definition monitoring requirements places, for more in-depth understanding call: +91-9811784036

Hikvision coaxial HD camera

Hikvision HD Coaxial Cameras

In order to meet the needs of users, Hikvision coaxial HD camera D1T series new upgrade! Its high compatibility, support TVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS video signal output of four video recorders, through the switch button, signal output with heart, more freedom. Press and hold the “switch button” for 5 seconds to switch between the four video signals TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS, and long press to switch one signal.


Hikvision’s coaxial high-definition cameras are more open this time, fully supporting Hikvision’s XVR, standard definition DVRs, and various third-party video recorders. You can switch modes between coaxial HD 1080P and analog 700 lines. The switch button adopts exquisite waterproof cover design, one layer of protection, one more layer of security, more complete waterproof, outdoor use worry and worry, waterproof rating IP66. BVM INDIA provides Hikvision cctv camera, video intercom, burglar alarm system, intruder system, seagate storage system, hikvision memory cards, hikvision PTZ