Extron TLP PRO Series


The TLP Pro 1720MG and TLP Pro 1720TG touch panels adopt capacitive type full-surface total glass design touch screen and can be fully customized according to system requirements. We are offering a touch panel that supports various mounting methods including wall, podium, tabletop and VESA mount.


Touchlink Pro wall mounted type 17 inch touchpanel


Touchlink Pro Desktop type 17 inch touch panel

Product Number: 60-1344-02

Black - Wall mount type

TLP Pro 1720 MG is a 17 inch touch panel that adopts capacitance type full surface total glass design touch screen. A touch panel that can customize this GUI improves processing speed, memory capacity and color, and a capacitive color touch screen that supports up to 1920 x 1080 resolution realizes a clearer image and responsive operation surface I will. It is equipped with preview input compatible with high definition video from HDCP source compliant with HDCP source and XTP® device of XTRONEX. Also, it is possible to receive and communicate with one Ethernet cable. The TLP Pro 1720 MG features a stylish design and features and performance ideal for control systems that require a fully customizable touchscreen equipped with a wide operating surface and multiple source compatible preview video input.

The TLP Pro 1720MG can be used with all IP Link® Pro control processors and can be used for AV systems that require interactive control of various source devices. The TouchLink Pro touchscreen is easy to install using a standard network infrastructure, reliable and cost-effective Ethernet cable.

All TouchLink Pro touch panels can be customized using Extron’s GUI Designer software. This powerful interface design software has a resource kit that can be used immediately for designing various interfaces according to the present environment of the room etc.


  • 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16 million color electrostatic capacitive type 17 inch touch screen – It is a full display total glass design clear display with improved responsiveness.
  • Increased processing speed and memory capacity – Uploading faster settings and saving more GUI pages are possible.
  • Full motion video preview for HDMI and XTP input
  • Available with all IP Link Pro control processors
  • Powered and communicated by one Ethernet cable, no separate AC adapter connection required – PoE + power supply included
  • Speaker built-in, output stereo audio – Preview Output audio and button operation sound when playing back video.
  • Automatic adjustment of screen brightness according to room brightness by the illuminance sensor
  • Configurable red and green LED status indicator equipped, available for displaying room usage and communication status
  • System connection status indicator equipped, visual notification of communication disconnection with the control processor
  • Two High-Speed USB 2.0 ports – Provide future extensibility.
  • Equipped with Φ3.5 stereo jack, provides local audio output from the touch panel
  • Clock automatic synchronization function, always display accurate date and time on the touch panel
  • Power saving function: 
    – Sleep timer settable, touch panel switched to sleep mode 
    – Recover from sleep mode with human sensor
  • Stylish design to match every environment
  • Wall, installation on the plane such as the podium – Supports multiple mounting methods with the attached mounting bracket. When a metallic cabinet is required on the rear according to laws and regulations, you can use the optional touch box mounting box – BB 700 M.
  • Full customizable using Extron control system software – Use GUI Designer and Global Configurator Plus, Global Configurator Professional or Global Scripter.
  • Supports Extron Control application and Extron Control for Web
  • JITC certified – passed the interoperability and information security exam for use in mission-critical systems such as US government agencies.
  • Optional AC adapter with excellent reliability and energy efficiency available (product number 70-769-01) – Reduce operating costs with proven high reliability and low power consumption.

Product Number: 60-1345-02

Color black - installation on the table and VESA

TLP Pro 1720TG from Extron is a 17-inch desktop touch panel with a capacitive glass screen edge-to-edge without a frame. This customizable touchpad features faster performance and increased memory, and a capacitive color touch screen with 1920×1080 resolutions provides a “live” picture and a more sensitive control surface. Model TLP Pro 1720TG has inputs for video preview with support for HDCP-compatible high-definition video signals from HDMI sources and Extron devices of the XTP ® line. For ease of use, the touch panel receives power and data over a single Ethernet cable. The TLP Pro 1720TG has an expressive design and powerful features that make it an ideal solution for projects where you need a fully customizable desktop touch control panel with a large screen and preview video from multiple sources.

The TLP Pro 1720TG is compatible with any Extron IP Link ®  Pro control processor and is designed for use in AV installations where full, interactive management of a large number of sources is required. The touch panels of the TouchLink Pro series function within a standard network infrastructure and are easy to install with a reliable and economical Ethernet cable. The TLP Pro 1720TG panel can be removed from the base and installed on any mounting bracket or VESA standard support using an optional adapter.

All touch panels TouchLink Pro individually configured in the program GUI Designer from Extron. This powerful interface software offers ready-to-use resources that help design a wide range of interfaces for rooms and presentation systems.


  • A capacitive touch screen with a diagonal of 17 inches with a resolution of 1920×1080 and 16 million colors is a bright edge-to-edge glass display without a frame with a more sensitive control surface.
  • Increased speed and increased memory capacity – quick loading of configurations and additional memory for GUI pages.
  • HDMI and XTP inputs for previewing live video and monitoring
  • Compatible with all IP Link Pro series controllers
  • The touch panel receives power and data over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a local power supply (power injector included)
  • Built-in loudspeakers play stereo audio – video preview and sound indication when buttons are pressed.
  • The light sensor adjusts the brightness of the screen when changing the overall lighting of the room
  • Configurable red and green status indicators notify the availability of the room or the status of the call
  • The system connection status indicator provides visual feedback if the touchpad and control processor connection is not established
  • Two high-speed USB 2.0 ports – the possibility of further expansion.
  • A 3.5 mm headphone jack provides the output of local audio from the touch panel
  • Automatic clock synchronization allows the touch panel to display the exact time and date
  • Power saving functions: 
    – The adjustable auto-off timer turns the touch panel into sleep mode 
    – the motion detector activates the touch panel
  • Mounted on a table or VESA fastener – threaded holes in the base of the panel ensure reliable installation on the table, and the VESA FDMI mounting template standard, type D, 100 mm, is used for VESA mounting.
  • Weighted base with tilt adjustment at an angle of up to 40 °
  • Slot for Kensington lock – allows you to fix the touch panel on a table or other flat surface.
  • The ability to fully customize with the software for control systems Extron – GUI Designer in conjunction with Global Configurator Plus, Global Configurator Professional or Global Scripter.
  • Supports SMA-1 swivel mounting adapter, available as an option
  • Expressive design will serve as a harmonious addition to any interior
  • Support for Extron Control and the Web version of Extron Control for Web
  • JITC certification is a successfully performed compatibility test and information security for use in government projects and other installations of particular importance.
  • A reliable, energy-efficient external universal power supply as an option, catalog number for replacement – 70-769-01 – an international standard power supply will provide proven reliability and low current consumption, which reduces operational costs.