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DTP Matrix Switcher - Cross point 82 4K, 84 4K, 86 4K, 108 4K


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The Extron DTP 4K Series is the most complete integrated platform for the AV industry for small to medium sized AV systems, supporting video up to 4K resolution. The product line includes a wide range of extender models with different specifications and video formats, as well as a wide range of distribution amplifiers, switchers and matrix switchers with basic AV signal processing and control. The Extron DTP 4K Series integrates all of the advanced features required to design an AV system, greatly simplifying system design and integration, and significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

DTP Matrix Switcher - Cross point 82 4K, 84 4K, 86 4K, 108 4K ​

The AV industry continues to evolve, and new signal types and formats need to be paired with existing and new types of installation equipment,” said Casey Hall, vice president of sales and marketing at Extron. “Knowing rAVe readers We are very pleased with the results of the announcement, which is an endorsement of Extron’s hard work in designing outstanding products such as the DTP 4K series and providing industry-leading support to customers.

Extron has always focused on delivering superior service, support, and solutions – S3 to ensure that AV professionals know how to choose to take advantage of today’s emerging technologies such as the DTP 4K Series. From product selection and troubleshooting to system design consulting, Extron actively trains engineers and technicians to help streamline system integration tasks. In addition to telephone consultations or technical expertise, our clients can prepare for the next technical challenge or career advancement through the award-winning training program – Extron Academy.

Recently, Extron introduced the latest 3 models of the DTP CrossPoint 4K Series – DTP CrossPoint 86 4K, DTP CrossPoint 84 4K, and DTP CrossPoint 82 4K. These three new models and the currently available DTP CrossPoint 108 4K offer different input/output specifications for a wide range of applications. This versatile DTP CrossPoint 4K Series integrates the advanced features you need to design advanced AV systems



  • 10 × 8, 8 × 6, 8 × 4, or 8 × 2 4K matrix switching. 
  • DTP® and XTP® signal extension.    
  • Compatible with HDBaseT output.    
  • Seamless switching.    
  • Built-in AEC’s advanced DSP extensions.   
  • An integrated audio amplifier that provides professional audio performance.    
  • High-performance 4K image resolution converter, using Extron Vector 4K image resolution conversion technology.   
  • Pro series control processor for complete AV system control.

Extron Vector 4K scaling engine for high quality 4K images,  The DTP CrossPoint 4K model features Extron Vector 4K technology, and the next-generation scaling engine developed by Extron supports up-scaling and down conversion of high-quality 4K images with 4:4:4 chroma sampling and 30-bit color accuracy. . Vector 4K also offers a full suite of image processing and system integration features designed to meet the diverse needs of the professional AV industry. A dedicated Vector 4K scaling engine is integrated into each DTP output of the matrix switcher.

Seamless switch and logo typing

Customize your 4K presentation with optional switching capabilities, or insert a custom logo to the video foreground of the resolution conversion output.

Advanced digital signal processing with unprecedented audio system scalability

The DTP CrossPoint 4K Matrix Switcher has built-in powerful audio processing tools and a fully equipped dedicated DSP processor such as our award-winning DMP 128. You can customize and mix system designs in a variety of ways, including fully configurable equalizers, filters, dynamic adjustments, automatic mixers, and extensive matrix blending options. It also has 4 high-performance AEC channels for the conferencing application environment. In addition, the use of a digital audio expansion port to link the internal DSP to the DMP 128 increases input and output, or links to the DMP 128 using a Dante network, greatly enhancing the scalability of the audio system.

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