Digital Media NVX

NVX series is a 4K : 60, 4:4:4 and HDR Solution over one Gigabit Ethernet Network, that allows you to be simple, scalable and secure-able. This one Device DM NVX 350 or 351 is an encoder or decoder which means it can transmit it or receive a stream

Digital media

DM Lite

Everybody knows that the DM Lite is a gold standard for video, especially you think about it for those large applications whether you are doing network AV or HD base T. But now we have a great solution for those simple point to point applications. DM Lite is a whole ecosystems of transmitters and receivers that you can mix and match and its an amazingly low cost point and also great high quality video. so, we can drive 4k60 video upto 40 meters or 1080p upto 70 meters. DM lite is DM. You get the same high quality video, reliability and support that you know so well, but in a really simple, low cost, point to point solution.

Crestron Mercury

The only true, open, unified communication solution which is not proprietary and does not lock you into any service or platform. It connects with any SIP Server or web collaboration service. So, you do not have to choose, change or worry about compatibility. It features a seven inch display with a simple and easy to use UI. Drop these into every room for a consistent user experience. The mercury can also managed from the cloud, so you don’t have to send installers or programmers on site. You just do the installation, the updates, and your routine maintenance all from your office desk, ofcourse it does support network security protocols like 802.1 x network control access, AES Content encryption and Active Directory user Authentication.

table top solution

Crestron Matrix Switchers

Crestron® DM® matrix switcher provides the inspiration for an entire DigitalMedia® system, providing a complicated 4K radical HD Signal routing answer that’s terribly versatile and straightforward to put in. The DM-MD8X8 will offer ultra-fast shift and pure, lossless HDMI distribution? and alternative signals to support all Blu-ray Discs? Players, telecasting receivers, digital media servers, computers, HD cameras and HD monitors to fill any fashionable Home or business facilities. DigitalMedia fastidiously manages all the various signals and devices to supply a clear user expertise and to make sure video pictures and audio signals at every location.

Crestron Control Systems

Crestron includes mpc3 series, these are wall mount controllers and they have three series control system built right in, so it can run full room program as well as network security and its just one Ethernet cable to the controller and thats all you need and again its xio cloud connected so as soon as you plug in it exhale cloud pushes all of the programs and configuration and setting right to the MC3, There are lots of models like MC3 201, This actually fits in a standard one gang european back box, there are some pack boxes available, so that you can put that into an america style, it has six programmable or customizable, buttons are backlit, it has proximity detector built in .

control systems

Crestron Modular Amplifers

What great about these amplifiers is not only do they fill the need for any kind of small modular amplifier that fits under a table, behind a display or ganged up in a rack but what’s great about them is they also ship with all the required hardware, So, lot less hassle, a lot less worry, when you go to the site you know the equipment there and you know what you need to be. You can gang them up with two quarters and a half, quarter half and a blank, Whatever you need, and the hardware’s all still there. It’s a great offering and they are highly competitive with all the other Amplifiers in the market, So, they get all the kind of needs you have for all the kind of small room solutions that you may run into. There are multi channel amplifiers series also .

Crestron Touch Screens

Crestron TS 1542 and TS 1542 C 15-inch touch screens, these are 15 inch capacitive touch screens and built on the same engine as crestron’s TSW panel so they have the same powerful capabilities such as the smart graphics display capabilities, high quality streaming videos as well as features like rava SIP intercom, the TS 15:42 gets all its video via streaming whereas the TS 15:42- C option also has a DM input which allows for the input of DM video upto 4K that will be scaled appropriately to be displayed on 1920 x 1080 screen along with the 15 inch products, we also have our new DG Graphics engine family, the DG 100 an d DM DG 200- both  of these graphic engines can be used to drive a third party displays as well as crestron owns 2020, 20 inch displays and the ways you can utilize the VG e are actually pretty varied, you can do standard touchscreen interface that relies more heavily on aggregating video sources such as streaming video or HDMI or even DM Video, you can use built in pin point UX. It can be connect natively to Air media devices for a wireless presentation.

Touch Screens and remotes
wireless presentation system

Crestron DMPS3 4K Series

Crestron DMPS3 4K Series consists of three all in one 4K presentation systems each includes a 4K Matrix Switchers, 4K HDMI Output witha built in scaler, digital and analog audio out, serial IR and CEC display control and AV Framework loaded onto the built in crestron 3 series control system. AV framework makes it easy to configure room systems and get them up and running without any programming, the DMPS3 models provide auto switching right out of the box, so all you need are sources and display. You can just plug in laptops and present. It also gives you plug and play connectivity with crestron connected cable caddies. Simply plug in the connected USB port on any of the DMPS3 models, they automatically communicate right out of the box thats it . You dont even need a laptop to set it up and if you want to control the room with a touch screen. You dont need to design the GUI or do any programming, all the code and touch screen design is done right from the built in AV Framework .

Crestron Fliptops

Crestron Fliptops are one touch and a clean well-lit space where you can retract things, pull your cable out to any length and retract them with a touch of one button and that uses and it also has a pan down and used as a gravity retractor which uses a wheel and tracks for the ultimate cable management without being constrained to the cable type, because you can can replace this with any cable whatsoever, the installation is very very friendly when you go under the table, we provide you with two outlets under the table for every outlet on top of the table so you can power the power supply that’s needed for back-lighting and charging and you can also power your diem transmitter. Crestron  have also made the Retractor’s a painless experience to install and you can change positions from one position to another and installation is just faster because of that 


Crestron Air Media

Crestron Airmedia 2.0 is the fastest, easiest, most manageable and secure wireless presentation technology. Now with faster video, lower bandwidth, full network security, iOS and Android Mirroring and much more and its built into many of the most popular crestron room solutions, including all in one digital media presentation. In addition AM 101, AM-200 and AM-300 Airmedia wireless presentation systems. Airmedia 2.0 capabilities built into the most popular Crestron room solution including Crestron’s digital media system and Crestron mercury. The AM 200 and AM 300 are perfect for all spaces as well as open spaces such as lounges, lobbies and other public areas with a display and now you can use digital signage wired and wireless presentation too. With DMPS3-4k-350-C, DMPS3-4k-250-C digital media presentation systems, you get wired and wireless presentations all in one. The DMPS3-4k-350-C is ideal for multi-source, multi-display rooms, while another DMPS3-4K-250-C is a perfect fit for a multi-source room with a single display. 

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