AUDIO TECHNICA INDIA - Authorised Reseller | Dealer | Integrator

AUDIO TECHNICA INDIA - Authorised Reseller | Dealer | Integrator

Audio Technica

Audio Technica Company was Established in 1962, the TLD Global Development Team has been dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of audio equipment. The Iron Triangle Company initially focused solely on the technology development of the phonograph. Today, the company has been able to develop high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems, even agitators and electronics for home and professional use.

With numerous awards, the company has always been committed to maintaining the high quality, durability and cost performance of its products. Therefore, its products have excellent performance in large concerts, professional broadcasts, recording studios, companies, government agencies and even large auditoriums. A number of important government agencies, such as the US House of Representatives and the Senate, have chosen the Iron Triangle Microphone as a must-have government facility. The Iron Triangle’s microphones and wireless systems have been selected by many authoritative music awards around the world, including the “GRAMMY Awards” and the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies”.

Audio Technica Microphones

Handheld microphones, Hanging Microphones, Headworn microphones, Instrument microphones, Lavalier microphones, Network microphones, ribbon microphones, side-address microphones, shotgun microphones, small-diaphragm condenser microphones, stereo microphones, USB microphones, Boundary Microphones, Computer Microphones, Gooseneck microphones, 

BOUNDARY MICROPHONES: U891RCx, U891RWx, U891Rx, U851A, U841A, U851RO, U851RO, U841R, PRO 42, PRO 44, ATR4697, ATND971a, ES945, ES945, ES947, ES947/LED, ES961, ES961RCx, ES963 

Wireless Systems

Each wireless system consists of a receiver, a box transmitter or a handheld microphone transmitter. The UniPak® cassette transmitters need to be equipped with suitable additional microphones, and all of the attached microphones, cables and accessories of the Iron Triangle wireless system are pre-terminated for use with the appropriate Series 3000 wireless system.  The ATW-R3100b receiver is equipped with an automatic setting for easy scanning frequency. And has true diversity reception. Two antennas are connected to two sets of completely independent and identical frequency RF reception. The automatic logic circuit continuously compares and selects the best received signal to provide the best sound quality to reduce the chance of interference and frequency interruption. 

Discussion / Conference Systems

Featuring easy to use, plug and play functionality. The ATUC-50 digital discussion systems provide reliable, clear and intelligent communication to significantly increasing meeting efficiency and effectiveness, it is ideal for large-scale discussion-type conferences with multiple language needs or smaller gatherings in meeting room environments. They are designed to be easily configured and reconfigured and provides professional sound quality and advanced control. It is easy to setup and multiple configuration options allow the system to adapt to any number of applications.

Additional component allows user to easily expand and customize the system as their need grow.

Adjustable microphone gain and EQ on each discussion unit allows the units to be individually set for each participants. High quality preamps with discrete transistors help reduce system noise.