Addonics Technologies

Addonics HDD and USB Duplicator, Flash, Converters, adapters, NAS and Hub



Addonics 1_3 SATA_IDE 3.5__2.5_ HDD_SSD Duplicator

1:3 SATA/IDE 3.5″/2.5″ HDD/SSD Duplicator

Addonics 1_7 USB NVMe_Flash_HDD Duplicator

USB NVMe/Flash/HDD Duplicator

1:7 USB NVMe/Flash/HDD Duplicator

Addonics 1.8″ micro SATA – 2.5″ SATA converter



4-port External USB 3.0 HUB


2-USB 3.1 Type C PCIe 4X Controller


Multi-function Drive Rack

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Established in 1998, Addonics is a privately held company located in the Silicon Valley, California. Its project is to provide specialists and enterprise customers a complete family of modern storage solutions with the highest excellent and quality compatibility in mind. Our business recognition is to supply a own family of data garage building blocks that can be easily put together to form a selection of data garage solutions. These building blocks consist of sub systems, IO converters, garage enclosures, racks, controllers, interface boards, mounting brackets, interface cables, power cables, adapters and connectors. In as a good deal as possible, the building blocks are designed as independent modules that may be used as stand by myself or combined in lots of possibilities, much like the LEGO blocks, to form powerful and flexible garage solutions. Many Addonics storage components are vitally critical for positive storage applications. For example, our 2.5″ IDE to ZIF converter enables the retrieval of valuable facts inside the 1.8″ ZIF tough force or SSD using a general Desktop computer. The Drive Cartridge gadget in our Diamond series permits both an IDE or SATA tough pressure to be added or removed from a single power bay like a regular tape cassette. The SATA-CF adapter that permits a pc to be run off a CF media just like a solid state force. Our USIB converters that allow IDE, ATAPI or SATA storage device to interface to any laptop thru USB, Firewire or eSATA connection.

Many other Addonics Storage components, including the Drive Cartridge systems, rack hooked up chassis, multi-bay storage enclosures, NAS adapters, iSCSI sub systems, hardware encryption modules, Port Multipliers and controllers can all be used for simple storage growth. They can also be used to create a custom Network Attached Storage or iSCSI storage with numerous RAID talents and nearly unlimited garage growth possibilities.